We only sell Solutions That Work”

Our mission is to develop products designed to make hard tasks easier, time-consuming tasks quicker, and costly tasks less expensive.

Our approach is to identify consistently reoccurring maintenance and repair issues, apply a bit of logic and common-sense, and then create Solutions That Work to reduce or eliminate the costs associated with these issues.

STW Industries, LLC was formed for the purpose of developing, and bringing to market, a patent pending device; specifically a water activated shutoff switch and shutdown method for PTAC’s/PTHP’s, namely the POPStrip™. STW Industries will be seeking other patents for variations to the original POPStrip™, as well as other devices that reduce existing costs and/or labor in various workplace and household settings.

The Problem- If you ask the chief engineer of any major hotel, where PTAC's (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners) are used, what his most chronic, time-consuming, and unavoidable repair is, his/her answer will invariably be "PTAC condensate leaks." With 30 years experience in Hotel maintenance I can personally attest to this ever present issue with PTAC’s. The construction design and economic advantages of PTAC's has led to their widespread use in hotels, motels, nursing homes, apartment buildings, hospitals, and condominiums over the past thirty years. Unfortunately, PTAC’s bring with them the negative side-effect mentioned above. Sooner or later they all leak.

The Solution- We at STW Industries, LLC designed a moisture sensitive shut-down system, specifically for PTAC's, that will finally prevent these leaks and eliminate all the associated cleanup costs as well as the undetected wall and carpet mildew damages that go hand-in-hand with these leaks. The POPStrip’s simple design, ease of “tool free” installation, and its low cost make it an extremely attractive solution from a Cost vs. Benefit point of view. In fact, it is the only totally effective solution.


Michael J. Hubble- President